Local Love.

It only took me thirteen years to figure it out, but the grass is actually greener where you water it. Orlando’s a great place to be + there’s so much more to us than the Mouse.

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Places Traveled.

Thirteen countries. Four Continents. Twenty states. Countless cities. I’ve used + renewed my passport since I was a one-year-old and have no intention of stopping.

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Things I’m also passionate about: bike rides, beaches, my dogs Marley + Mila, seeing how many Twix I can eat without getting a stomach ache, and choosing love. Every day.

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Good Reads + Must Sees // Vol. II Financial Edition

In my early 20s, I was not proactive about getting my finances in order nor did I have a clear post-college plan. I loved three things — my dog Marley, the state of California, and exploring. So, Marley & I moved to California and explored. With no savings,... read more

Orlando Weekend Recap 14 // 10 // 31

This past weekend is exactly why I am in love with Orlando and if you missed it, I hope this encourages you to sign up for reminders or put it on your calendars so you can take a look for yourself. It’s even better with friends! Here’s the information below from... read more

Do Your Little Bit of Good Where You Are

There are times I feel so overwhelmed by how many things in the world need improvement. Like, where do you even begin? And then are start to think about what my peers and I are doing now and how we might not even see the results in our lifetime. But then I like to... read more

The Under 30 Choose Love Travel Guide

I am very fortunate that my parent’s fronted some of my biggest trips, like my high school graduation gift to Europe for two-weeks or my summer internship in Los Angeles. It wasn’t until the beginning of my senior year in college when that window of help... read more

Downtown Credo: Rally Makers Pitch Night Recap

Orlando is like the gift that keeps on giving and I felt like Christmas came two months early last night. Downtown Credo could be easily explained as this awesome coffee shop in the heart of College Park, however, it is so much more than that. They are a 501(c)(3)... read more

Texas // Austin City Limits 2012

After being slightly (or very) jealous of all the Austin City Limits pictures from last weekend and prepping myself for the ones to come, I decided to do a little throwback to my trip back in 2012. My friend Evron and I would chat online basically everyday while we... read more

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