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Airplane Separation Anxiety

It has been seven months since my last plane ride. Seven. This about two months over my limit. I start to develop what I call “airplane separation anxiety.” My head gets fuzzy and I start daydreaming of all the places I’ve been, friends I haven’t seen, and beaches I’d like to pass out on. I understand why people are so afraid of flying, but I get this pure rush of excitement each time I simply check into my flight — which is just before the rush of disdain I feel towards the TSA… but that’s another story. Read more…


Falling Whistles Orlando: Human Rights Expo 02.20.14

I believe human rights are for everyone — women, youth, minorities, persons with disabilities, indigenous people, the poor and marginalized. They are for people, like the child soldiers in Congo, who aren’t as fortunate to have support systems or outlets that let their voices be heard.

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Orlando Doesnt Suck _CLG

Your City Doesn’t Suck

To say I simply “left” Orlando in 2009 would be an understatement. I freaking bolted.

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First Friday Foto: Portrait for Peace

Falling Whistles Orlando Kick-Off: Portrait for Peace

Falling Whistles Orlando: Portrait for Peace from Sarah Peerani on Vimeo.

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Jauntaroo’s Chief World Giver

“I think first and foremost, people only protect the things they love. And you can’t love something unless you inherently identify with it.”

Kris Tompkins, wife of American environmentalist and original co-founder of The North Face Doug Tompkins, was referring to the two million acres of land in Chile they’re preserving called Conservacion Patagonica.

I love what the Tompkins’ are doing and I’m on a mission to protect something, too – culture.

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Group Shot

Falling Whistles: The August Generation

How many times, if at all, have you attended a convention or conference of any kind? If they’re anything like the ones I’ve been to, they’ve consisted of a lot of words, great dinners, and even better after-parties. All followed up with large amounts of coffee and five-hour energy’s the next day.

This month I was part of a summit, or conference. It was seventy-two hours stocked full of thought provoking, gut wrenching, heart opening, passionate, and educational conversations with some of the most beautiful people I have ever met.

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Throne Room

Monument of Love: Coral Castle

How do you mend a broken heart? It seems like an age-old question, but a couch, four seasons of Mad Men, several king size packs of “Twix”, and maybe a week’s worth of Subway five-dollar foot longs seem to do the trick.

Yeah, I see you over there. Don’t judge me.

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FWO // First Friday Foto Event

Falling Whistles Meets Orlando

Last week, I shared the Falling Whistles story and how fifty people were selected to start and lead a part of this coalition for peace in Congo in their respective hometowns. Myself included.

This week, I’m announcing more details about where we’ll be creating the conversation for those of you in Orlando.

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One Second Everyday

Applying “Lists” in Your Life

Hey guys, Buzzfeed is really good at making lists. Read more…

OddMentOut Incite Summer Meets Falling Whistles

Be A Whistleblower for Peace

In the summer of 2009, I moved to Los Angeles for an internship. I believe it was one of the most influential times of my life. (For someone my age, I think that’s a really strong statement. But, it’s one of those things you just feel and know at your core.) Read more…