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It only took me thirteen years to figure it out, but the grass is actually greener where you water it. Orlando’s a great place to be + there’s so much more to us than the Mouse.

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Places Traveled.

Thirteen countries. Four Continents. Twenty states. Countless cities. I’ve used + renewed my passport since I was a one-year-old and have no intention of stopping.

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Things I’m also passionate about: bike rides, beaches, my dogs Marley + Mila, seeing how many Twix I can eat without getting a stomach ache, and choosing love. Every day.

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Minnesota // Twin Cities To-Do’s

It’s true that some of the best adventures happen when you least expect them. I’d heard great things about Minneapolis, but hadn’t plan to visit any time soon. I’m super stoked I had the chance to see it because of my friend’s wedding and... read more

Minnesota // Matrimony in Minneapolis

It’d be a lie if I said at least one (or ten) of these thoughts never crossed my mind when I see engagement notifications on Facebook or hear about them through the grapevine. It’s an entirely different story, though, when you’re literally standing... read more

Tennessee // Hello Music City

Last November, I went to Nashville for the very first time and has an epic time exploring the in & outs of the city! We covered some of the best eats + drinks around town and scoped out some nearby hikes + trails. All that was left were some of Music City’s... read more

Tennessee // Nashville Eats + Drinks

When you go to Texas, you go get barbeque. When you go to California, you go get Mexican. When you go to Nashville, Tennessee, you go to every spot on this list. I’ve got you covered on places for coffee, brunch, lunch, dinner, drinks and tunes for at least three... read more

Tennessee // Percy Warner Park

As a native Floridian, the concept of seasons is something I never grew up around. While in Jacksonville, I faintly remember fall and what I do remember did not resemble the insane beauty I saw in Nashville. I can’t imagine what the guy next to me on the flight... read more

Take Me to Croatia!

Just east of Italy across the Adriatic Sea, it’s neighbor Croatia sits in Central and Southeast Europe, bordering countries like Hungary to the northeast and Bosnia to the southwest. The coast alone contains more than a thousand islands filled with azure ocean waters... read more

Choose Love Travel Planning Guide

Nashville wasn’t exactly jumping off my travel centric Pinterest board, but shortly after my ticket was secured, I did some digging to find out all I could to be sure I made the most of my time there. Why Nashville? Well, I have a very talented friend named Nancy who... read more

7 Life Tips from Marley

In March 2008, I became a dog owner for the very first time. He was a Yorkshire terrier — the dog I always wanted when I was a kid but could never have because my Dad was allergic. We named him Marley. Seven years later, Marley’s still my main man. He’s road tripped... read more

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