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It only took me thirteen years to figure it out, but the grass is actually greener where you water it. Orlando’s a great place to be + there’s so much more to us than the Mouse.

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Thirteen countries. Four Continents. Twenty states. Countless cities. I’ve used + renewed my passport since I was a one-year-old and have no intention of stopping.

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Things I’m also passionate about: bike rides, beaches, my dogs Marley + Mila, seeing how many Twix I can eat without getting a stomach ache, and choosing love. Every day.

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For My Abuelita

Thanks to carefully crafted social content, things are looking pretty kick ass in the life of Sarah. And they are. However, the last six months have felt like a roller coaster that I never wanted to be on in the first place. I’ve experienced deep, serious amounts of love, lust, luck, and loss both professionally and personally. Sometimes even simultaneously, which was super overwhelming. My “breaking point”, if you will, came unexpectedly when my Abuelita passed. I didn’t anticipate it to hit me as hard, but it did… and it still does. She lived a very long, full 103 years of life. I never really believed she was going to go. It sounds ridiculous, but my sister and I would even joke and say she’s like a cockroach – older than dinosaurs and can never die. Terrible, but she was so strong! Like how she beat pneumonia at 102. It was like she was invincible. But seeing her take her last breath had proved otherwise. A combination of that moment and the days leading up to her death have become my favorite, possibly most cherished memories. Here’s why… When you’re a five-time great-grandmother, the visits never stop – and not just when you’re ill. The three days prior, though, were full of family, friends, and empanadas. My sister drove down from Georgia, one of my cousins flew in from Colombia, and several others traveled from around the state of Florida. I even brought my dog Marley because they were best buds and nap aficionados. It was only one hour after my mom had finished leading the prayer of the... read more

Minnesota // Twin Cities To-Do’s

It’s true that some of the best adventures happen when you least expect them. I’d heard great things about Minneapolis, but hadn’t plan to visit any time soon. I’m super stoked I had the chance to see it because of my friend’s wedding and am even more happy I fit in an extra day-and-a-half to catch up with some other friends in the area, too! In June 2014, I got to meet Tanya and Alex through Global Shapers at SHAPE North America in Detroit. She’s a Shaper in Minneapolis and Alex’s in Milwaukee but is originally from the area, so I made sure to let them know I was coming their way for a wedding and made plans to meet up! I couldn’t have asked for better people to show me around the Twin Cities. Alex grew up there and Tanya worked for housing on campus while she attended the University of Minnesota. We traveled to the majority of the places on this list on foot or by light rail and the other spots were seen on my way out of town the following day. The five-and-a-half miles we walked, though, allowed me to get a really good look at Minneapolis and I loved all of it. See below for a preview of what to expect and scroll down to see some photos and quick, little tid-bits I found interesting about the places we visited! Twin Cities To-Do’s Cheat Sheet Mill Ruins Park Tugg’s Tavern University of Minnesota University of Minnesota – Pedestrian Walkway Izzy’s Ice Cream Minnehaha Falls + Sea Salt Eatery Pho Hoa Noodle Soup Minnesota Sculpture Garden – Walker Art Center Loring Park Lake Calhoun 1. Mill Ruins... read more

Minnesota // Matrimony in Minneapolis

It’d be a lie if I said at least one (or ten) of these thoughts never crossed my mind when I see engagement notifications on Facebook or hear about them through the grapevine. It’s an entirely different story, though, when you’re literally standing by one of your closest friend’s side as she says “I do” to the man of her dreams. I met Rachel three years ago when I lived in Fort Lauderdale. There was a big group of us beachside and she was in town from Minneapolis visiting a mutual friend’s friend. Since I’m familiar with feeling like the out-of-towner, I had some friends of my own coming into town from Orlando that evening looking to go to some clubs in Miami and asked Rachel if she’d like to come with. I’m happy she did because we had a blast dancing that night! Rachel is one of the few people I know that doesn’t partake in any sort of social media out there. Sure, I have phases where I’ll go off the grid, but it’d be insanely difficult for me to delete it permanently. It makes me appreciate our friendship even more because every time we talk, I have zero idea what to expect and we’re constantly checking in to see how the other is doing. It’s nice to hear from her how she’s doing instead of what assumptions I can make from pictures or posts. Last August, I got to see Rachel marry her long-time boyfriend, Tom. It’d be my first time meeting him and he even joined Rachel to scoop me up from the airport! The man knows how to give a good hug and... read more

Tennessee // Hello Music City

Last November, I went to Nashville for the very first time and has an epic time exploring the in & outs of the city! We covered some of the best eats + drinks around town and scoped out some nearby hikes + trails. All that was left were some of Music City’s must-sees — some of which are oh-so conveniently listed below! Scroll down for photos and a few reasons why I found them so fun! Gaylord Opryland Country Music Hall of Fame Hatch Show Print Vanderbilt Parthenon Frist Center for the Visual Arts Broadways Street Where to Stay: Airbnb Gaylord Opryland I briefly mentioned in my Travel Planning Guide that I was in Nashville for an annual conference with my über talented friend Nancy, which was being hosted at the Gaylord Opryland. For someone that comes from the Land O’ Disney-Everything, this place may as well been the Nashville equivalent. Throw in a few weeks before the holidays kicked in, and it felt like Christmas at your Grandma’s. Very huge, lots to see (like a built-in mini-creek you can ride a little boat in) and the restaurants & bars are delish. [Show slideshow]   Country Music Hall of Fame This place was HUGE! Three floors, super interactive displays, and memorabilia that makes you feel like you’re traveling through time. More T-Swift, Alan Jackson, Kelly Clarkson and Luke Bryan than you know what to do with. You gotta see it. [Show slideshow]   Hatch Show Print I’ve gained a big appreciation for screen prints thanks to Orlando local, full-service studio Lure Design. I was excited to check this out, but didn’t take the tour. It was still cool to... read more

Tennessee // Nashville Eats + Drinks

When you go to Texas, you go get barbeque. When you go to California, you go get Mexican. When you go to Nashville, Tennessee, you go to every spot on this list. I’ve got you covered on places for coffee, brunch, lunch, dinner, drinks and tunes for at least three days. There are even a few at the end that we couldn’t make it to purely because there wasn’t enough time. I was particularly proud that we were able to support so many local businesses during our visit and can’t wait to score a drink or meal there again soon! Preview Cheat Sheet Coffee: Bongo Java East, Frothy Monkey, Ugly Mugs Brunch: Actual Brunch (POP Nashville), Husk, Marche Artisan Foods Lunch: I Dream of Weenie, Tavern Dinner: City House, The Crying Wolf, Whiskey Kitchen Drinks: No. 308, 3 Crow Bar, Saint Anejo, The Treehouse Tunes: The 5 Spot, Station Inn, Tootsie’s, Wildehorse Saloon Bongo Java East East End This place reminded me of one of my hometown favorites, Downtown Credo! More than 80% of BJE’s coffee comes from Cooperative Coffees — a collective of 23 small coffee farmers farms from around the world. I went with my usual vanilla latte (which was great), but you have options of fresh grinds, drip, or French press. I like options. Frothy Monkey Downtown I should tell you how fresh and delicious the coffee was while we caught up on some work emails, but I’m going to tell you how much I loved the open area on the main floor and the second space for seating upstairs in the their loft. Definitely industrial complete with high-ceilings, bare brick walls, and... read more

Tennessee // Percy Warner Park

As a native Floridian, the concept of seasons is something I never grew up around. While in Jacksonville, I faintly remember fall and what I do remember did not resemble the insane beauty I saw in Nashville. I can’t imagine what the guy next to me on the flight there was thinking, but I felt like a giddy school girl smooshing my face against the window looking at the hills covered with tree tops and gorgeous fall foliage. When I was looking at some hikes while planning for this trip, I saw some pictures that were taken at Percy Warner Park‘s main entrance and I immediately made it one of the things I had to see while I was there. Some facts about Warner Parks: The park was named after two brothers, Percy and Edwin Warner, who were serious outdoorsmen and nature lovers. Both prominent businessmen, one encouraged his son-in-law, Colonel Luke Lea, to deed some of the land to the city. The parks are located in the Nashville Basin. I’m not sure how it looks in the spring, but it’s breathaking in the fall. There are approximately 110 species of trees, over 400 species of wildflowers, and 200 fungi that’ve been confirmed. The two dominant tree species ones are oak/hickory and beech/maple. Have I mentioned the colors, yet? Reds, oranges, and yellows like I’ve never seeeeeen! As far as animals, there are 200 species of birds, at least 30 different mammals (we saw deer!), and over 40 different species of reptiles and amphibians. The park has mapped out three hiking trails: Warner Woods in WHITE (the one we took that’s a 2.5 mile... read more

Take Me to Croatia!

Just east of Italy across the Adriatic Sea, it’s neighbor Croatia sits in Central and Southeast Europe, bordering countries like Hungary to the northeast and Bosnia to the southwest. The coast alone contains more than a thousand islands filled with azure ocean waters and sunsets that make you melt into the horizon. Equally rich in culture, there is always something to admire or participate in during your stay. The Dubrovnik Summer Festival has happened every summer since 1950 and continues to be one of the most celebrated cultural events in Croatia. It takes place in Old Town Dubrovnik in churches, fortresses, squares and streets where a wide array of theatre, music, and dance programs all take place for people to see! For any Game of Thrones aficionados, you might also recognize a few of the fortresses, coasts, and alleys in Dubrovnik from the HBO hit. There are a few other locations throughout Croatia’s beautiful landscape where the show has been filmed, but you will most notably recognize King’s Landing as you explore these 15th century establishments. Outdoor enthusiasts alike will find plenty to do in, on or around the Croatian coast. There are several beaches open to the public. City beaches such as Banje, are very child-friendly with shallow waters, inflatable toys, and showers, while other beaches invite more solitude and relaxation, like Sveti Jakov. Venture into deeper waters on kayaks or boat tours to explore nearby wildlife in natural reserves before jumping in and completely immersing yourself into the clear blue sea! Scuba certified? You’ve come to a great location. With a variety of diving courses ranging from... read more

Choose Love Travel Planning Guide

Nashville wasn’t exactly jumping off my travel centric Pinterest board, but shortly after my ticket was secured, I did some digging to find out all I could to be sure I made the most of my time there. Why Nashville? Well, I have a very talented friend named Nancy who owns and designs a clothing line called Hands to Hearts. I’ve been excited to be a part of it from working the sales floor at AmericasMart Atlanta to modeling in her catalog. This past November, I had an opportunity to attend an annual conference at the Gaylord Opryland in Nashville, Tennessee. With four days to spare in a city I’ve never been to with no friends there to show me around — I wanted to know more about that place than the anyone who lived there. I’ve written about how I’ve managed to travel in another post but here’s a travel planning guide to help you plan once you know where you’re going. Use the Innanet Pinterest It’s like Google, but prettier and more organized. Type in “things to do in (insert city here)” or “free things in (city)” and you’ll get a ton of activities, lists, and images that you can stick on one easy-to-find board. For those that’ve used it before, you know how easy it is to get carried away and pin everything and anything. The more the better because I wouldn’t start sifting through the lists or articles until I had a two or three saved ranging from eats, must-sees, museums, and outdoor goodness. Once I went through them, I could delete some because of duplication, no interest, or dead links. Yelp! I don’t... read more

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