Applying “Lists” in Your Life

Applying “Lists” in Your Life

Hey guys, Buzzfeed is really good at making lists.

25 Things That Make Life Worth Living”.

 “10 Trips you NEED to Take in Your Twenties”.

24 Things Patrick the Starfish can Teach You about Being Your Best Self”. (Yes, this is real life)

They’re not the only ones, either. Elite Daily and Thought Catalog are full of them, too. Regardless of where you’re reading them, though, we’ve seen, read, and probably shared these headlines via some social medium. Myself included.

Like any social fad, I feel like our relationship with these lists is about to run its course. They make you laugh, create these warm, fuzzy feelings, and bring back memories (sometimes ones you’d like to forget), but then what? Go back to your life. Routine. Whatever it is that you do.

And can I point out how many of the same “list” exist?! Search “regret of the dying” and over ten million results come up in less than a quarter of second. No joke.

So, which do you choose? And when you do, how do you actually apply them in your life?


I believe the core of all the feel-good-life-inspiring lists already exist in our lives, but it’s sort of hard to really see and feel them. For as many small, awesome, hilarious, sad, silly moments we experience every day, how can we expect to remember them all when there are twenty different things that “have” to be done before the days end?

This is why I love “One Second Everyday”. It’s an application you can download on your smartphone. A friend reminded me of it and I’m so glad he did! I’m already fond of picture taking, but the idea of recording a one-second video to remind myself how lucky I am to live the life I do is really refreshing. Like, really.

Cesar Kurlyama, the creator of One Second Everyday, worked in advertising, too. One day, he saw this TED Talk from the incredibly talented Stefan Sagmeister about his freedom to take a full year off after every seven years. He used it as an exploration within. Cesar was wildly inspired and on a sabbatical of his own, he created the application “One Second Everyday”.’

It allows you to compile teeny one-second videos for a month, year, or selected time frame. Forgot to take a clip for the day? No worries. You can use a photo instead.

Kurlyama noticed the positive impact it had on his life and could finally remember all thing things that were happening in his own life.

The video app has had a similar impact on me. In just two months, it has been yet another reminder of how incredibly blessed I am to be alive.

My favorite part of “One Second Everyday” is the intention and thought it requires. I’m big on planners and writing things down so I usually have a general idea of what my “second for the day” might be. And it’s not like I wake up first thing and say, “OH MAN, WHAT’S MY SECOND GOING TO BE TODAY?!”, but it’s simply taking the time to think about what I want the day to bring on top of my pre-existing to-do list.

I know there are tons of people that go through their workweek like it’s any other normal day. Weekends, too!

But they’re not. Each day is different. Each day is a gift.

So here’s your chance to “carpe diem”. To start actually doing what some of those lists talk about and tell you to do. You’re probably already doing most of them, anyway.

It’s a new month and fresh start! Might I suggest watching this PSA on Vertical Video Syndrome (VVS) in hopes your video at the end of the month doesn’t get a “squished” look.  It’s what I learned in June.

And for July…. well, don’t delete videos off your phone until the month is over or else you’ll see fifteen seconds of the first picture or video. Lesson learned!

Download the 1SE app here or see the Kickstarter video Cesar made to fund his awesome idea!

Here’s mine from July. Co-workers helped cover up a car with its sunroof open on a rainy day. I went to SeaWorld with family when my sister, niece and nephew came to town. I launched this blog, and twenty-eight more awesome seconds. Even though fifteen of them aren’t on here.

1SE: July from Sarah Peerani on Vimeo.

Do you or someone you know already use this app? What are some of your favorite memories? Has it taught you anything special? Feel free to share, I’d love to know!

*Update: 1SE is currently only available for iPhone users, but they’re beta testing for Androids!

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  1. What a fantastic July you had! Such a cool app if you stick with it. Loved the video! Can’t wait to see what all you do in August. 😉

    • It was pretty awesome. Even when the screen was on a picture for too long! I want to see your August. Probably a lot of pictures of the kitty!


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